Our Story

JUA June was born out of our passion for fashion, our love for nature and exploring our oceans.  From her own experience, our founder Kaylee felt something was missing on the swimwear market. Trendy, fashionable swimwear was usually of bad quality that would only last one summer, and the difference in price with high quality or designer brands was quite big. After learning more about the recycled, eco-friendly fabrics the idea for JUA June was born, which resulted in carefully designed swimwear that combines style and sustainability. 


All our items are carefully designed pieces made from ocean plastic, ghost fishing nets and nylon landfill waste.

By using recovered plastic we aim to help turn waste problems into solutions, and contribute to conscious, sustainable fashion. We only produce a small stock to limit excess stock and waste, and keep our collection exclusive. All production is done locally, here in England, in an ethical and sustainable way. By managing our brand this way, we are hoping to contribute to a more eco-friendly fashion industry.

Our passion for sustainability and eco-friendly fashion goes beyond just our collection, we aim to incorporate it throughout our company as a whole. Therefore we do not use plastic in our packaging, instead we use recycled packaging that can be recycled and is awarded with FSC logos or part of a tree replanting program. In addition we use eco-friendly materials for our labels, wrapping paper, swing tags and more.

Our pieces are designed to make you feel confident, and ready to wear from beach to bar. We aim to design high quality pieces which are made to last, with the aim of fitting different body types, styles and personalities.

JUA June is where style and sustainability meet. Our swimwear truly is from- and for the ocean.


kaylee founder of jua june sustainable swimwear