Top Tips to Make Your Home More Sustainable

Top Tips to Make Your Home More Sustainable


Home is where the heart is and sustainability is at the heart of JUA June, so in the blog today we will share some tips on how to make your home more sustainable.


A home that is sustainable is usually an efficient home that is build or refurbished in a way that respects resources, optimizes energy and water use. It is also meant to last longer do to quality systems that are in place. In addition, a sustainable home utilises low-impact, high performance materials. Since the materials are of better quality, they last longer and therefore create less waste.


But, putting the building and construction to the side, there are also things you can do with your current home to make it more sustainable. First up, insulation is key. When your house has good insulation you use less energy for heating which is not only beneficial for your own bills but also for the planet. You can do this inside of the property but sometimes it is also possible to insulate the exterior of your home, which sometimes can be less disruptive.


Relating to this are windows, which, when older, account for 50% or more loss of energy. Replacing windows can of course be a costly job, so another option is to install double glazing or thermal backed curtains. Not only does this help to become more energy efficient, it also avoids a lot of outside noise coming in.


If you have a bigger budget, solar panels are also an amazing option to use green energy. Some energy suppliers nowadays actually also offer installations or deals on it.


Next up are appliances. When browsing for new appliances such as washing machines for example, you can now filter on eco-friendly scores and sustainable options. It is important to pay attention to appliances that have high energy efficiency ratings. If an appliance is energy efficient it has less running costs, which again is beneficial for your monthly bills and the planet. You can also make smaller changes, for example by unplugging devices that you are not using and (when in the uk) to turn off the sockets. In addition, changing lightbulbs to energy efficient ones can also make a difference.


Interior wise, there are a lot of sustainable and eco-friendly options.

At JUA June we reuse and recycle waste and turn this into beautiful swimwear. For interior design there are similar solutions.  A quite straight forward recommendation is to buy furniture that is sustainably made or made of eco-friendly, natural and/or recycled materials. A quick Google search can give you an idea of some amazing options that are out there. For example, you can easily find eco friendly brands that range from selling tableware made of recycled smartphones, to furniture made of ocean plastic and natural paint brands made without toxic chemicals and chemical waste. 



Let us know in the comments what you have done in your home or interior to make it more sustainable!



JUA June

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